Agatha Grima

ARTIST STATEMENT – A CONTEMPORARY ARTIST IN MALTA“I guess I have been an artist all my life and although I have had some formal training at the School of Fine Arts, in Malta, my main training comes from life. It seems that what I have done throughout was a means to getting to this point, to getting here. And it feels like finally coming home – unconsciously getting a lifetime of training to becoming what I am now.”“My paintings are my quest towards what I am. They are the result of my conservation studies in ancient techniques and methodologies, and my gained insight into modern materials, their properties and their workability. I experience my paintings through the freedom that my materials offer, through tone, texture and rhythm as one may experience music.  In my workshop, I tend to lose myself to the frantic application of my paints to my canvas, and as my painting comes to life, it feels like utter perfection. The result is instinctively authentic, and it speaks to my soul and to anyone who can experience my work. VIEW MY REFERENCES

My abstracts have been termed as strong yet calming. They have been termed as upstyle and even as Baroque, definitely influenced by my studies of the Masters and my current world where I am constantly in contact with numerous artworks. But maybe my main experience in modern contemporary works has been in 2004 when in Bilbao, Spain I had the opportunity to visit and enjoy the Guggenheim Museum nearly each and every morning of my visit.  So I feel I have grown and morphed and the journey has been inscribed in my work – from Caravaggio’s ‘Judith beheading Holofermes’ to my ‘The Awakening’.Please visit the website of Agatha Grima.

Dutch translation en pictures of here paintings will be displayed soon!
De vertaling in het Nederlands en haar werken zijn binnenkort te lezen en te bewonderen.